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Bringing Gourmet Coffee Home


Did you know?

In USA, coffee is the second most frequently consumed beverage, after water (National Coffee Association USA 2020) and tea is a distant third.

Looking at population segments – 32% of American millennials consume an espresso-based beverage every day, which is higher than among any other demographic.

70% of the coffee consumed by millennials is in the form of gourmet beverages, often purchased at a coffee shop.

In Australia, 11.5 million people drink coffee in an average week (Roy Morgan, 2019). The generational spread of Australian coffee drinker is similar to USA, with a similar preference for gourmet coffee by younger drinkers.

Well over 50% of people aged over 30 years old prefer drinking coffee in an average week. They make the vast majority of these drinks at home and would love the convenience of a capsule machine and the Reflo Podpress.

If millennials made their espresso coffee at home, not purchased at a coffee shop, on average they would save $427 per year (Lazy Man and Coffee).

With the Reflo Podpress, coffee lovers of all ages can enjoy the entire range of the coffee flavour and style spectrum in a convenient, sustainable brewing system like the Nespresso machines, while saving the cost of a machine within 6 months.

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